JD Miller

Contemporary artist JD Miller combines painterly chromatic expression with a sculptor’s physical application of paint to create multi-dimensional images on canvas. The result is an emotional explosion of sculptural oils, rich in light, form and color, which create a unique mood and signature ambiance. Traveling extensively throughout the United States, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands and Mexico he creates everything from expressionistic landscapes to abstract reflections of the human spirit.

His artistic inclination began at four with his first teachers being the cartoons and coloring books of Walt Disney and Walter Lance. The vivid colors and defined lines of the cartoon images formed the early basis for his visual style. When he was nine he decided he wanted to be a rock star and switched from drawing to playing music. He learned guitar, trumpet and piano, playing nightclubs when he was sixteen and becoming a studio musician at eighteen. He earned his B.S. in Communication with a double minor in Art and Music from the University of North Texas and did graduate studies in sculpture and ceramics with master sculptor John Miller at Texas Women’s University. He studied oil painting with master colorist Liz Richardson, a member of the Royal Academy of London, for two years before beginning his professional painting career in 1998. In October 2004, he founded Reflection Fine Art Gallery representing the “reflectionists”, a group of artists whose work mirrors the positive forces of life and the universe. “I call myself a reflectionist because I believe the universe mirrors each of us in a unique way. My goal as an artist is to interpret that phenomenon, and my art is a reflection of life and the way I perceive the world”.

Miller’s reputation has increased dramatically in recent years, as recognition of his oil sculpting technique has become widely acknowledged by both artists and collectors alike.


3 responses to “JD Miller

  1. I saw your work in Carrie Garner’s Gallery in McKinney. Your work is wonderful! My understanding is she studied with you. Do you still offer classes?

  2. Hi, JD… glad you are starting a blog!

  3. well, I looked into my mirror and saw a reflection of me and a mammoth notion.
    my question for JD is: what’s going on with the music dude? How can one become more involved?

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